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Martin Horan

By: Martin Horan on October 20th, 2011

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5-User & 1-GB Upgrades Now Available


À-la-carte users and storage upgrades are now available with any plan.

The User tab has been updated to allow an FTP site to exceed the number of users allocated to their FTP hosting plan. The New User form will present a message informing the admin that they are exceeding their allotment and that they will be billed $5 per month for each additional block of 5 users.  The admin must check a box approving the fee, and can then proceed with creating the new user.

À-la-carte Storage upgrades are also available in 1 GB increments for $5 per month per GB. At the present time, storage upgrades per GB must be ordered via support ticket or email.

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Founder of FTP Today and an expert in secure file transfer and Internet protocols. A software and IT geek since a young age, Martin has successfully led his companies through the digital age by spotting market niches and filling them with quality IT services.

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