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Arvind Mistry

Arvind is Director of Compliance and Programs at FTP Today. He came to FTP Today with 11+ years of experience in offering cloud solutions to the Federal Government and public sector channels at companies such at Rackspace, IBM, UNICOM, A10 and Radware Alteon. He is based in the Washington, D.C. area.

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Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification: The CMMC Basics

The United States of America is increasing attention on cybersecurity to ensure the prosperity of the American people. Public and private entities must secure systems, and networks from adversaries with malicious purpose. In this effort to secure Federal networks, one of the areas of focus for the government is the Federal Supply Chain and strengthening the security of United States Government contracting systems. The global nature of the Internet allows all countries to participate in communication, commerce, and free exchange of ideas – allowing for true prosperity. Access to something as powerful as the Internet presents opportunities for outside nations to conduct espionage, steal intellectual properties, cybercrimes, and remotely attack critical infrastructure.

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Cyber and Data Security Government Compliance

Why DoD SAFE Replaced AMRDEC SAFE and What It Means for Your Business

AMRDEC SAFE was the leading solution in the government file-sharing space for a long time. However, given the increasing demands of security and file capacity, AMRDEC was replaced with a new solution called DoD SAFE

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