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Benefits of FTP File Sharing Domain and Branding
Martin Horan

By: Martin Horan on May 20th, 2015

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Benefits of FTP File Sharing Domain and Branding


FTP File SharingBusiness has evolved to circumnavigate the globe without hindrances of traditional branding and domain issues through the use of FTP File Sharing. When a business opts for FTP services, the business has the potential to customize its file sharing website to meet the demands of the company, its customers and the economy. Businesses need to know a few things about FTP File Sharing domains and branding before selecting a service.

Branding Options of FTP File Sharing

Through FTP File Sharing, a business can send information to another user without worry about how the end-user will perceive the information, especially the logo and colors essential to effective branding. A business has several options for selecting the type of branding to use on the respective website.

  1. The business can take advantage of the reputation of the FTP brand without being overly concerned about how his or her own brand will be perceived.
  2. The business could use Co-Branding to leverage the provider’s reputation, but to maintain its own unique business brand as well.
  3. The business may opt to have the provider’s branding removed from the site. This is called White Label Branding.

Domain Recognition and Features

The possibilities for creativity and consumer influence through domains cannot be overstated. Customers and search engines view the domain name as the first part of analysis during search engine ranking. Domains with poor recognition may not receive the ranking merited. FTP File Sharing providers need to offer business owners with the option of using their own domain, such as files.awesomebusiness.com, as opposed to something like awesomebusiness.filesharingprovider.net.

Enhanced Security

Security features and integrity permeate the digital world, and it seems as though the daily news broadcast is not complete without hearing about a data breach for a company. When a company chooses to use an FTP provider, the business can select the best type of SSL Certificate to use. SSL Certifications can reflect the provider’s domain or can be purchased to reflect the business’s subdomain, or the business’s domain.

SSL Certifications are the major identifiers on websites of trusted origin and accessibility, which is essential to the functions in a business. Consider how a business will fall if a customer’s financial information becomes compromised or lost due to the lack of an SSL encryption. The lack of an SSL certificate implies the business knowingly placed the consumer’s information at risk, which could result in large civil court claims and lost revenue for the business.

When a business makes the jump into the digital space for the first time, it often lacks online recognition, credibility, and user-friendliness. However, an FTP service provides these criteria for businesses without the need to hire expensive web designers, programmers, or other IT experts. A business who uses FTP File Sharing can expect superior branding and recognition around the globe without spending countless hours and resources trying to advance their online identities.

Key Things to Remember

  • FTP providers should offer at least three options for branding: provider brand, Co-Branding, and White-Label Branding for removing provider association.
  • FTP File Sharing breaks down language barriers by ensuring optimum visual transmission of logo and brand to other users.
  • FTP providers should not necessarily require you to have the provider’s domain listed as your domain.
  • If the provider allows you to use your own domain, they should also offer you a custom SSL certificate to match.
  • SSL Certificates are globally recognized forms of security, credibility, and trust for businesses, especially those involved in obtaining personal consumer information or using proprietary information through online communications.

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