al Essentials to Consider when Selecting an Enterprise-Grade File Sharing Service

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Martin Horan

By: Martin Horan on November 13th, 2014

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Essentials to Consider when Selecting an Enterprise-Grade File Sharing Service


Today's workforce is changing and mobility is ubiquitous. IDC reports that there will be 1.3 billion mobile workers by 2015. With that increasing mobility comes the need for increased productivity on the road including file sharing, collaboration and improved data access. To solve this challenge many employees are turning to unapproved or unsecured file sharing solutions to support their file sync and sharing needs. The risk? Business data is exposed, unprotected and uncontrolled in public sharing services. In fact, GigaOm Research has found that 84% of IT professionals report security problems caused by consumer file sharing and sync services used for company business.

“Without an IT-approved solution to replace unsecured file sharing solutions, employees will continue to find ways to support their mobile productivity needs – and put business data at risk,” said Sam Liu, Vice President of Marketing, Soonr. “To ensure data security while empowering their mobile workforce, IT managers should consider adopting a business file sharing service that offers robust features to support mobile productivity, content privacy and security as well as the enterprise-grade infrastructure to support them.”

FTP Today's build your own secure server approach is perfect for a business of any size. Our plugin-free FTP client with enforceable IT rules allows for secure access that can not be bypassed or turned off by employees. See a full list of features and pricing.

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