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How File Transfer Services Benefit Military Personnel
Martin Horan

By: Martin Horan on July 5th, 2016

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How File Transfer Services Benefit Military Personnel


When you begin to think of an organization like the United States military as a global organization, it's easy to see how file transfer service can play such an important role in communications with personnel or contractors. Mission-critical information is being shared between personnel constantly, so security is always a top priority.

Additionally, contractors or other people who may be spread out all over the world need the ability to not only share data but communicate and collaborate instantly. Military-grade file transfer services are capable of bringing all of these benefits to the table and more by way of some incredibly important features.

3 Ways File Transfer Services Benefit Military Personnel

Security and Compliance

Perhaps the biggest benefit that is afforded to military personnel using a particular file transfer service like FTP or Secure FTP is one of security and ITAR compliance. Many FTP providers offer advanced security features that allow administrators to take complete control over who is accessing a particular file, what they're doing as it is being accessed. High-security file transfer service providers to the military or military contractors, like FTP today, also give admins the ability to restrict user access based on country, which is particularly helpful in terms of meeting ITAR compliance.

Providers like FTP Today work hard to provide military file transfer service options that are in full compliance with the rules and regulations governing such technology (ITAR) when in use by the United States government and third party contractors.

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User Types and Roles

Another major way that a file transfer service can benefit military personnel has to do with the many different types of users and user roles that can be created that govern access permissions. The hierarchy in a military organization is incredibly important and is arguably more intricate than what you would even have in the world of business. With a file transfer service provider, user accounts can be created based on the specific role that an individual plays within a particular section of the military. Not only can accounts have multiple site administrators and even sub-site administrators, but an unlimited number of user accounts can be created as well.


It is critically important that file transfer services bring to military organizations comes by way of auditing functionality. Detailed activity logs should always be available to site administrators to CVS audit logs and on demand reports, so site administrators will always know how their files are being accessed, who is sharing them and can glean the types of valuable insight necessary to make the most informed, actionable decisions possible moving forward. This goes above and beyond what a simple cloud-based or even email-based file sharing situation would be able to offer them. This level of auditing is required for ITAR compliance.

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