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How FTP Servers Make Disaster Recovery Reliable and Simple
Martin Horan

By: Martin Horan on March 24th, 2016

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How FTP Servers Make Disaster Recovery Reliable and Simple


How FTP servers make disaster recovery reliable and simpleDisaster recovery is of paramount importance to all types of businesses, but with the huge volumes of data that places like law firms and healthcare facilities are now responsible for, it can be challenging to say the least. If something goes wrong, how do you get back up and running again? How will you restore the data you've lost? Where is that data coming from? FTP servers help to answer all of these questions and more by making disaster recovery as reliable and as simple as possible in a wide range of different ways.

The Benefits of FTP Server Disaster Recovery

One of the major ways that FTP servers and their related providers help make disaster recovery reliable and simple has to do with the daily incremental backups that are often performed. When it comes to disaster recovery, being as thorough as possible is always recommended. With daily incremental backups, you're protected against everything from a losing a critical file or document that was accidentally deleted by an employee to a catastrophic system failure. All data is recoverable and you can often revert back to previous versions of individual documents to help undo any damage, regardless of how big or how small it happens to be.

Another way that FTP servers make disaster recovery reliable and simple comes by way of the fact that information is stored in a completely separate location off-site from your physical business. If your entire operation were to suffer a break-in, get hit by lightning or burn to the ground, you won't lose even a kilobyte of important information as a result. Your data is safe and secure, stored in a trusted data center just waiting to be recovered at a moment's notice.

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Finally, many FTP providers like FTP Today also have guaranteed recovery time objectives that you can use to help plan the best possible disaster recovery scenario for your business. Within 48 hours, FTP Today will recreate your infrastructure in a new location on virtual machines, restore all applications servers to the latest recovery point and have you back up and running again like nothing ever happened. This type of guarantee can factor into your own plans so you know exactly how you're going to resume normal operations again in the event that something goes wrong.

As you can see, the benefits of FTP servers extend beyond the ease and security of file sharing in general - they help keep your business safe from any and all threats, both expected and unexpected. In that sense, FTP is less a simple tool and more a valuable asset in your ability to keep your business moving forward - no matter what.

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