al Interface Features To Look For In An FTP System

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Interface Features To Look For In An FTP System
Martin Horan

By: Martin Horan on September 6th, 2017

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Interface Features To Look For In An FTP System


When many companies search for an FTP solution, they assess a number of important factors like cost, implementation time, or FTP provider. While these are essential aspects of the selection process to consider, you should evaluate the interface of an FTP solution, as well.

Each day, your users and administrators will be active in your FTP system, and you want to make sure the interface you select is well designed, without being too complex for users to easily understand.

When your FTP solution has an ineffective interface, a significant amount of time can be wasted on administrative and file management tasks. To save both time and cost, evaluate the interface of an FTP solution carefully before you make your selection.

Explore why selecting an interface with integrated administrative and file transfer capabilities is essential. Also, learn which capabilities enhance your data storage operations.

Integrated Administration: Why It’s Essential

Your FTP solution administrators probably waste valuable time moving between multiple applications to effectively configure, manage and transfer your files and data. The ideal FTP solution features administrative and file transfer functions that converge into one application, working together as one solution. When these capabilities are integrated in a single interface, like the new FTP Today web application, you reduce the amount of time spent switching between other applications.

Look for an FTP solution that breaks down the silos between administrative capabilities and file transfer capabilities. When administrative capabilities like user permissions, email notifications and file purge controls are integrated into a single interface with your file transfer screen, you’ll increase productivity and streamline data management operations.

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Administrative Capabilities You Need

To ensure you’re getting the greatest value from your FTP solution, carefully consider what administrative capabilities the system you choose features. The right FTP solution interface relieves the administrative burdens surrounding file management and enhances productivity.

Make sure the solution you choose has the following administrative capabilities.

Intuitive Functionality

When the interface of an FTP solution has intuitive features, your administrators and users can operate more efficiency. Look for a solution that automates some of the tedious work related to FTP management. For example, you could use a system in which child folders automatically inherit the permissions of the root folders -- unless overridden. This eliminates the time-consuming step of setting up permissions for every single folder that’s created.

User-Friendly Design

You want an FTP interface that’s easy for any of your users to navigate. Overly complicated FTP solutions lead to lost files, confusion, and wasted time. Choose a solution with a clean, simple design that’s user-friendly and requires little training. With the right, easy-to-use design, you’ll save valuable time and reduce the administrative burden of navigating complicated file structures.

Complete Auditing and Analytics 

When managing your folders, it’s valuable to have a high-level view of how your your FTP solution is used. With auditing and analytics capabilities, you can monitor activity and storage space on your system. This high-level view gives you the visibility you need to ensure you’re getting the greatest value from your system.

Streamlined Usage 

When you invest in an FTP system for your file management needs, you want to ensure that you’ll get a return on this investment. By choosing a solution with a well-designed FTP interface, you can save time on day-to-day administrative tasks. For instance, some interfaces in FTP solutions allow you to send communications via email to all users in a root folder, simplifying the administrative task of sending company or team-wide emails.

You can also make better use of your system by setting up scheduled file purges or automated notifications when you’re reaching the end of your storage limitations. With these measures, you’ll make better use of the FTP solution you have.

When you have enhanced administrative capabilities included in the interface of your next FTP solution, you’ll reduce the time your team members have to spend monitoring and managing file usage. As administration becomes easier, the return on your investment in a FTP system increases.

File Transfer Capabilities

In addition to the administrative capabilities you want from the interface of your next FTP system, you also want to make sure this solution has the essential capabilities of its main function: transferring files.

Discover each of these essential file transfer capabilities the interface of your next FTP system should have.

Web Browser Access

In an increasingly mobile world, you want to ensure that the FTP solution you invest in is compatible with users who aren’t in the office. In fact, 43% of employed Americans spent some time in the last year working remote last year, a 4% increase from 2012. As the number of remote workers is likely to increase further, you need to ensure they have access to their essential job functions through a web browser, from anywhere.

Secure Transferring

Because hacking and data security threats advance each day, you need to ensure your FTP interface has secure transfer capabilities. In order to align with government regulations regarding data security and protect your reputation, work with an FTP provider to find a secure interface that meets your data storage needs.

Seamless Branding 

To give the interface of your FTP system a more organic feel for both users and administrators, select a solution with branding capabilities. Your interface can feature your company colors and logos, creating a professional solution tailored to your company’s identity. You can also work with your FTP provider to select a custom domain and custom SSL certificates for your system.

Organized Structure 

A well-designed FTP interface enables greater organization for your company’s files. With color-coded folders and an organized file structure, you’ll no longer waste time searching for the content you need. Also, effective FTP interfaces only show users the folders they have access to, streamlining their search for the right folder.

Legacy System Compatible 

Change is difficult for any company. To smooth your transition to a new FTP solution, you want to make sure that the one you select is compatible with legacy systems. Not only should the solution be compatible, the interface should be, as well. Look for an interface with the same functionalities as your legacy system. This cuts down on the time and training needed for users to become familiar with the new solution.

When you find an FTP system with a streamlined design and enhanced administrative and file transfer capabilities, you company’s efficiency is sure to increase. Consider this aspect of any FTP system carefully before you invest in a long-term solution.

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