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The Advantages of FTP Site vs. File Server
Martin Horan

By: Martin Horan on July 26th, 2016

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The Advantages of FTP Site vs. File Server

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In a business context, a file server is normally exactly that - a physical server stored somewhere within a building that connects to a local area network that employees can use to share data with one another. Think of it like a hard drive hidden away in a closet somewhere in a building that all employees can use at the same time.

An FTP site, on the other hand, extends the same basic concept to a global scale. Instead of requiring that users access the files contained on it only from inside the business' local area network (LAN), employees can access any file from any location at any time (WAN, or Internet). Provided you have a device with an active Internet connection, you always have access to your FTP site - and the benefits hardly stop there.

FTP Site vs. File Server - The Advantages You Should Know

Perhaps the biggest benefit that FTP servers bring over traditional file servers for businesses is one of extreme productivity. A file server commonly exists inside a "walled garden," so to speak, in that it is a device that is only ever meant to be accessed from a single geographical location. You may be able to easily share files with coworkers while you're actually in the office, but what happens if you need to get a little work done while you're at home for the weekend? What happens if you're sitting in an airport waiting room and inspiration strikes?

With a file server, you're out of luck. Even if your server IS connected to the Internet, you're also creating a dangerous situation in that data can be intercepted by someone who knows what they're doing. With an FTP site, all of that data is available anywhere at any time and advanced features like at-rest and in-transit encryption work hard to keep it protected at all costs.

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Making the decision to switch to an FTP site for your business brings a huge number of additional benefits to the table that can't be ignored. Companies like graphic design firms who not only have to share large files like product packaging designs, but who also may need to share the dozens of individual files that go into a larger design, will benefit from FTP's ability to easily handle multiple documents within the same transfer. Companies like construction firms who may need to send CAD files of several gigabytes in size or more will love the fact that there are no file size restrictions in place regarding what can be sent at any given time.

All businesses will benefit from the unique branding options that providers like FTP Today offer, allowing them to easily integrate their logo and other contextual elements into the very makeup of the site itself. None of these options are available on file server solutions, proving once again that FTP is one of the best ways to put the power of modern technology to work for you.

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