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The Secure Alternative to DropBox and ShareFile for File Transfer
Martin Horan

By: Martin Horan on June 2nd, 2015

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The Secure Alternative to DropBox and ShareFile for File Transfer

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File sharing services like DropBox and ShareFile are a great way to leverage the benefits of technology to create the most collaborative and efficient work environment possible - if your users are fully aware of the natural risks that they bring with them. A huge amount of things can potentially go wrong with file sharing, to say nothing of the risks that you're bringing into your organization from employees that are irresponsibly sharing information in the first place. If you're looking for an alternative to ShareFile or any other file sharing service like DropBox, you'll soon find that FTP is more than worth your time.

File Transfer Issues:

User Irresponsibility

If an employee uses DropBox to share an important client document over a work network, you can be reasonably sure that you won't run into any issues because your business network is theoretically already locked down pretty tightly. If the same employee uses DropBox to transfer the same file from their home network connection, however, you're potentially entering into a world of problems. If the network they're using isn't secure, all data transferred over a service like DropBox and ShareFile can be exposed to people with malicious intentions in a matter of seconds.

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Compliance Violations

Government rules and regulations are actually very specific regarding the types of security measures that must be in place to prevent client and customer information from falling into the wrong hands. While services like DropBox and ShareFile make file transfers easier than ever before, they often lack the protocols necessary to keep up with these security requirements. Depending on the type of industry you're in, just using DropBox to share customer information at all could be a massive compliance violation in and of itself.


FTP, or "file transfer protocol," is one of the single best ways to leverage the power of modern technology to your advantage with as few of the downsides as possible. FTP is inherently secure thanks to a key authentication technology that it uses. An employee could transfer a file from their home network without worry, as all data in transit is encrypted. Anyone without the proper key wouldn't be able to access the information contained in the data even if they were able to intercept it during the transfer. These additional security measures also go a long way towards making sure that your organization is as free from compliance violations as possible

FTP is a file sharing service that brings with it many of the benefits that modern technology has to offer with virtually none of the downsides. FTP can definitely alleviate problems that you're experiencing on an organizational level with services like ShareFile, DropBox and more. If you're looking for a high quality alternative to DropBox or ShareFile for your business, look no farther than FTP.

Key Takeaways:

  • File sharing services like DropBox or ShareFile can potentially introduce compliance violations into your organization.
  • These services make it easy to share information with employees, but also make it unfortunately just as easy for that sensitive data to fall into the wrong hands.
  • FTP is the secure alternative to DropBox and ShareFile for the purposes of file transfer.

To learn more about why FTP is a secure alternative for file sharing, request a demo to try it and experience FTP's safety features first hand.

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