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A secure and powerful Web App plus full compatibility with all FTP client software!

End User Tour

Branded Login FTP solution

- Branded Login -

The login page and all internal screens (next image) display your logo, title and colors.

Limited Folder Views

- Limited Folder Views -

An end user can only see and access the folder(s) where they have been assigned permissions.

FTP Client Compatible

- FTP Client Compatible -

End users that prefer their FTP client with have the exact same restrictions as when using their browser.


- Uploading -

The Upload button allows end users to select files from their local file system. Drag and drop is also supported in most recent browser versions.

Upload Queue

- Upload Queue -

The upload queue (lower left) allows the user to choose files from multiple local folders and then upload their selected files all at once.


- Downloading -

Downloading a single file is as simple as clicking the file name. Multiple files and entire subfolders can also be downloaded.


- Deleting -

Deleting files is as simple as selecting one or more files and then clicking the Delete button.

File Sharing Links

- File Sharing Links -

Our InfiniShare™ feature makes sending expiring links to third parties easy.

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