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Secure File Sharing for Military Contractors

Our FTP site enables you to securely send files and documents while remaining efficient and compliant.

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End-to-End Encryption

Our ITAR solution provides both in-transit and at-rest encryption, both with FIPS 140-2 validated ciphers.

Multiple IP Address Restrictions

First, restrict all site access to within the U.S.; then, further restrict each user to a specific IP or range.

Managed by U.S. Citizens

All FTP Today personnel, as well as those of our data center partners, are U.S. citizens.

All the Features You Need for ITAR Compliance

Country Access Restrictions

Country Access Restrictions

Restrict global access based on our commercial worldwide IP database. 

Encrypted transmission for ITAR compliance

Encrypted Transmission Protocols

Enforce the use of encrypted protocols on all users

Dedicated IP & Custom SSL

Point your own domain to your dedicated IP and get a custom SSL certificate to match.

FTP User IP Address Restrictions

User IP Address Restrictions

Place IP address restrictions and protocol restrictions on each user

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Guidelines for ITAR Compliance & Sharing Your Technical Data

Help ensure your company's information is ITAR compliant.

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