HIPAA Compliant File Sharing Solution

Secure file sharing and transfer services to keep Medical and Healthcare facilities HIPAA compliant.

FTP Today is the leading solution for the healthcare industry to store sensitive patient protected health information (PHI), securely share that information with the right people, and ensure the sender and recipient remain HIPAA compliant with regard to PHI file sharing.

With Secure FTP, medical facilities can protect themselves against paying thousands of dollars in penalty fees for HIPAA violations. With FTP Today, covered entities and business associates can make sure that the technical safeguards required by HIPAA are met.

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Access Controls

FTP Today has easy to use administrative features that allow for access controls to meet HIPAA standards.

  • Encryption and Decryption
    Protect your electronic health information with at rest encryption. 
  • Emergency Access Procedure
    HIPAA requires procedures for obtaining necessary health information during an emergency. FTP Today backs up your data automatically to a disaster recovery system at a separate geo-location.
  • Unique User Identification
    To track who is accessing and sending patient data, each user should have unique identification. By assigning a unique login account to each user, make sure the right person is receiving patient data.

Transmission Security

FTP Today is built for medical facilities who plan on transmitting any PHI information. 

  • Integrity Controls
    Administrators have complete control over the enforcement of encryption during the transmission of all data files.
  • Encryption
    The transmission process is protected by either SSL or SSH encryption, depending on the protocol you require. FTP Today offers these and more.


Procedures need to be in place to verify that the person or entity seeking access to electronic health information is the right person.

  • User Authentication
    To authenticate the person (or automated system), FTP Today uses a password or SSH key. Users can also be required to have a two-factor authentication. Besides having to input a password, users will also need to originate a connection through a specific IP address.

Healthcare Facilities That Trust FTP Today

"Using FTP Today has been a really useful tool in my company. I work in the Healthcare Industry and the processing of claims is quite a lengthy process. But by using FTP Today we can actually cut the time virtually in half by having doctors’ offices submit their claims to us using your services, which increases productivity."

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