ITAR Compliance FTP Solution

Streamline your collaboration, communication, and stay ITAR compliant.

With the rigorous standards and regulations government agencies need to adhere to, it's important for them to use a file sharing solution that will keep their costs down, efficient, collaborative, and ultimately secure.

File transfer solutions from FTP Today will keep military contractors ITAR compliant, efficient, productive and, most importantly, secure. 

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Securely Exchange Files

Government and military consultants are bound by regulations, standards, and security policies. FTP Today is an industry stalwart for secure protocols that allow these entities the ability to freely and securely transfer files and sensitive information especially when needing to stay compliant with regulations like ITAR.

  • Security
    It's vital to ensure that sensitive army files are not only are safe during transfer, but also are being received and viewed securely. FTP Today features include site access restrictions by country and also include at rest encryption and user-level IP address and protocol restrictions.


FTP Today simplifies the collaboration process between government agencies with the option to share files anywhere in the world and across multiple organizations -- assuming you have legal reasons to share files outside the United States.

  • Folder Access Permissions
    Administrative features are available to limit user permissions on each and every folder containing ITAR sensitive data. Depending on the security level of the individual, FTP Today permissions can allow certain users to download, upload, delete, and any combination of the permissions.

Monitor the exchange of sensitive data

It's important to understand who, what, and where your sensitive information is going at all times. FTP Today provides details logs that show every action that has taken place with your files.

  • Extended Logs and Historical Metrics
    Stay up to date with who is accessing files, who is downloading files, and how often files are being used. The on demand reports of FTP Today help army agencies better their security and their collaboration at the same.

Military Contractors That Trust FTP Today

"My company has been using the FTP service for four months to manage and transmit technical data controlled by ITAR. The controls and accessibility of the site gives us confidence and security that we are communicating sensitive information with our vendors and customers in the most efficient and appropriate manner."

Elyse Allen, Air Boss Defense

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