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Dedicated IP & Custom SSL

- Dedicated IP & Custom SSL -

Point your own domain to your dedicated IP and get a custom SSL certificate to match.

Support Multiple Protocols

- Support Multiple Protocols -

Configure active protocols including HTTPS, FTP, FTPeS, FTPS and SFTP.

Country Access Restrictions

- Country Access Restrictions -

Restrict global access based on our commercial worldwide IP database.

Password Enforcement

- Password Enforcement -

Configure settings for password strength, expiration, resets and new user invites.

Custom Colors

- Custom Colors -

Apply your own logo and choose custom colors for our Web App.

Add Users

- Add Users -

Create a new user and a new home directory at the same time.

Import Users

- Import Users -

Import users from a standard CSV file, complete with error checking.

IP & Protocol Restrictions

- IP & Protocol Restrictions -

Restrict each user to a specific remote IP address range and/or a specific protocol.


- Authentication -

Configure password and/or public SSH-key authentication for each user.

Multiple User Roles

- Multiple User Roles -

Two administratiive roles allow for delegating admin to Team Managers.

Unlimited File Sharing

- Unlimited File Sharing -

Enable InfiniShare™ (public link sharing), control link expiration and notification on use.

Transfer & Administrate

- Transfer & Administrate -

Administer your system and transfer files, all from a single web app.

Access & Permissions

- Access & Permissions -

Set distinct permissions for Upload, Download, Delete and List -- per user, per folder.

Email Notifications

- Email Notifications -

Set up granular email notifications triggered by different user actions.

File Retention Controls

- File Retention Controls -

Configure system purge rules with custom settings for each folder.

Activity Overview

- Activity Overview -

See all the latest activity right on a single Dashboard screen.

Transfer Reports

- Transfer Reports -

Run on-screen reports and export to CSV. This is a Transfers Report.

Purge Reports

- Purge Reports -

This report shows who deleted files and when, including those purged by system rules.

Folder Size Reports

- Folder Size Reports -

This report helps you find which folders are taking up the most space.

Complete Log History

- Complete Log History -

Detailed audit logs are kept by calendar month and never deleted.

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