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Martin Horan

By: Martin Horan on August 13th, 2015

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FTP Today Workshop Recap: Web File Transfer Past, Present, and Future


FTP Today Workshop Recap: Web File Transfer Past, Present, and FutureRecently, we hosted a live workshop event to discuss the history, evolution, and the future of FTP Today and our web file transfer software.

We began first by taking a look at our offerings, the environment, and our compatibility with Java and Java’s 400 security issues since 2007.

Java is on it’s way out and plugins like Java and Flash are now blocked by Google Chrome and Microsoft. We launched our Web App in August 2014 and never looked back.

A highlight of the enhancements to the Web App that have set it apart from the Java App.

  1. We enhanced the Web App version to allow transfer of more than one file.
  2. The Web App version is capable of unlimited file size.
  3. Recursive folder uploads are easy to perform within the Web App.

The Web App will now perform: 

  1. Single File Uploads and Downloads.
  2. Multiple File Uploads and Downloads.
  3. Recursive Folder Uploads and Downloads.

We implemented a “Drag & Drop” function in the Web App for ease and efficiency, and now all your multi-file downloadsare automatically compressed and created in a zip file.  Folders transferred with the Web App automatically maintain their full hierarchy, and all operating systems are compatible with our Web App.

Let’s take a look at a few Questions and Answers from our customers during the workshop:

Question: Can you change the defaulted download settings per browser?

Answer: Yes, you can change those settings in each browser’s settings function.

: How long can we continue to use the Java app?

Answer: We expect to disable the Java App in January 2016, so about 6 more months. You will see from the demo I am about to give that there is nothing that should be holding you back from using the Web App.

: Will there be a split screen showing my local folders?

AnswerCurrent browser capabilities does not include direct access to the local file system. However, you can emulate that easily by opening your Windows Explorer side-by-side with your Web browser.


Watch the Recorded Workshop 

Did you miss the live workshop? No problem. The recording of the Customer Workshop: Web File Transfer Past, Present and Future is available for you to watch at anytime.

Watch Now

About Martin Horan

Founder of FTP Today and an expert in secure file transfer and Internet protocols. A software and IT geek since a young age, Martin has successfully led his companies through the digital age by spotting market niches and filling them with quality IT services.

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