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Martin Horan

By: Martin Horan on April 23rd, 2012

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Groups - Sub FTP Site Administration

Latest Features

ManageNow, with Groups and User and Workspace edits, you can effectively create multiple "sub FTP sites" within your FTP Today site. This is an extremely powerful and unique feature in our industry.

Department ManagerThere is also a new class of
sub-site administrator called a Group Administrator

A Group Admin can log in to Site Admin and can add, edit or delete both Users and Workspaces, but only within their Group. Their visibility in the control panel will be completely limited to one Group. Any Reports or other screens accessible to a Group Admin will be content-filtered to include only departmental data.

Users and Workspaces can belong to one Group (for management by a Group Administrator), however Users can also be assigned access to other Workspaces outside the Group (by a full Site Administrator).

Workspaces and Users in existance before this feature was rolled out are, as before, not members of any Group. There is no requirement to assign a Group, but you can do so via User-Edit or Workspace-Edit.

From an FTP client perspective, Users will still only see their assigned Workspaces and can still have limited permissions within each Workspace. A Group Administrator will be given full rights to every Workspace in the Department.

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