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Martin Horan

By: Martin Horan on June 22nd, 2016

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WebApp Gets an Upload Queue

Latest Features

With the updated FTP Today WebApp 2.0, users now have an Upload Queue when uploading files or folders from their local system to the FTP site.

Before vesion 2.0, the WebApp would automatically start uploading files. Now the user will see the files added to the Upload Queue, after which they can either click Start or Cancel. The benefits of having an upload queue are:

  • Files can be selected for upload from multiple locations on the user's local file system before initiating the upload process.
  • Files can be queued to upload to multiple target FTP folders or workspaces before initiating the upload process.
  • The user can review the full target path of each file in the queue before initiating the upload process.
  • The queue also provides the foundation for future upload features, such as forewarning users of a potential overwrite condition or removing specific files from the queue before beginning the upload.

WebApp 2.0 is far more powerful and user-friendly than version 1.0. Documentation can be found here.

About Martin Horan

Founder of FTP Today and an expert in secure file transfer and Internet protocols. A software and IT geek since a young age, Martin has successfully led his companies through the digital age by spotting market niches and filling them with quality IT services.

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