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FTP Hosting Service that Fits Your Business

More Secure. More Flexible.

We created the hosted FTP industry in 2001 and we continue to lead in security and features. Compare our feature list to our key U.S.-based competitors.

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Smart File
Platform Compliance
Provider's infrastructure or data center partner is independently audited annually under SSAE-18 standards. SSAE-18 SOC1, SOC2, SOC3
ISO 27001
HIPAA / HITECH (w/ signed BAA)
GDPR PRIVACY (w/ signed DPA)
NIST SP 800-53
NIST SP 800-171
DFARS 252.204-7012
DoD Impact Level 2 P-ATO
Cloud-Level Features
Provider has dedicated hardware firewalls Dedicated Network Firewalls
Hacker detection and automatic prevention. Host-based Intrusion Detection
Provider's servers are protected by high availability such as VMware with automatic VMotion to another host machine in the event of a failure. High Availability Servers
Provider develops its own applications and regularly tests for application and network vulnerabilities, with immediate remediation. Vulnerability Scanning
Provider keeps encrypted, full and incremental backups of all data on its servers in a remote location. Full Backup / Offsite Replication
Provider has dedicated firewalls with network intrusion detection and prevention. Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
Advanced Malware Protection
Provider has a duplicate disaster recovery infrastructure in a secondary location ready to take over in the event of a disaster. Standby Disaster Recovery
Site-Level Features
Provider develops its own applications to provide a robust browser based file transfer and file sharing interface with no browser extensions or plugins required. Web UI (HTTPS)
File Sharing Links
Data in-transit Encryption
Country Access Restrictions
Dedicated IP & Custom SSL Cert
Branded Web UI
Data at-rest Encryption
User-Level Features
Multiple User & Admin Roles
Password Authentication
SSH Key Authentication (SFTP)
Multi-Factor Authentication
Password Strength & Expiration
Provider has the ability to limit each user by their remote IP address and by allowed protocols. User IP & Protocol Restrictions
Folder-Level Features
Flexible Directory Structure
Limited Folder Views per User
Emails can be triggered based on activity on the FTP site. Email Notifications
Purge files based on age since original upload date. Often required for compliance. File Retention Controls
Granular User Permissions
Upload, Download, Delete, List
Upload, Download, Delete, List
Read, Write
Upload, Download, Delete, List
Upload, Download, Delete, List
Activity-Level Features
Customizable reports that can be viewed at any time. On Demand Reports
Detailed Audit Log Archive
7 years
90 days
Inactive User Suspension
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Like most businesses looking at Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS), Managed File Transfer (MFT) or software more broadly described as "Secure File Transfer", you likely have specific functional requirements in mind. At a minimum, you should be concerned with:


What systems and controls are in place both to protect unauthorized access and to enforce secure access upon authorized users?


What software and protocols can be used to connect to the service? Is the service compatible with all existing and legacy systems?


Who sees what and what permissions do they have on certain files or folders. Can user-specific folder and file access be restricted?

With those requirements in mind, we invite you to compare us to any other service you are considering, most of whom should appear on the chart below. As you can see, not all FTP hosting companies, “FTP alternatives”, file sharing or collaboration service providers are created equal.

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