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Since we've used FTP Today, our file transfer productivity has increased. We are pleased with the IP blocking. Our clients are happy with the data security.

Han Yap, Donor Services Group

We’ve been using FTP Today for years now. Using this service has given us the ability to accommodate clients who needed to FTP their files to us, but did not have an FTP site.

Tim Titus, DecisionPoint Systems

We’re quite happy with your solution, as it was very rapidly deployed to our user community. Everyone went wild over the web interface, as it’s easy to use, and doesn’t require command-line experience.

Simonette Ricco, IT Department, ACXIOM

Thanks for the quick response! Your site is so easy for my work-at-home medical transcriptionists to use, some of whom are not computer savvy.

Deb Hils, Hils Transcription Service

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Compare the top 5 file sharing softwares

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