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About FTP Today

Secure File Transfer Industry Leader


In 2001, FTP Today became the first company in the world to offer the technology of online managed file transfer via FTP and related protocols.

By mid-2008, I made a commitment to plow a significant portion of our annual revenue into creating our own feature-rich FTP server application suite and control panel, now a single integrated app with a ton of features.

Today, we continue to lead the FTP / SFTP hosting industry and we also compete favorably in the broader file sharing services market. Below is a history of our company and some important milestones of our achievement. And, don't forget to check our our customer reviews.

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Martin Horan

Horan Data Services is Created

After four years working for others, Martin Horan chases the entrepreneurial dream by starting his own data entry business. HDS builds a strong base of data entry customers by focusing on the Marketing Research industry.

Roots in Offline File Transfer

HDS finds a niche in converting data from mainframe tapes to floppy disks for various operating systems and leads the Media Conversion market for the next 20 years.

Dialup Internet access spreads. The World Wide Web begins to catch on as the Netscape browser is launched.

Pivot to Internet Services

Horan Data Internet becomes one of Cincinnati Ohio's first dial up access and web hosting providers. The dialup business is later sold to Mindspring in order to concentrate on services such as web hosting and dedicated Internet access.

An Idea for a Startup

Recognizing a void of multi-user FTP/SFTP services in the web hosting marketplace, Horan begins researching hardware and software technology that he can use to offer hosted FTP and SFTP.

Official Launch of FTPTODAY.COM

The Next Generation

Three dozen Sun Cobalt appliances later, FTP Today moves operations to custom built dedicated servers in Silicon Valley and licenses VPS control panel software from Sphera.

From FTP Hosting to Software-as-a-Service

FTP Today forms an in-house Application Development department to begin developing its own intellectual property. Re-architects its infrastructure from the ground up.

FTP Today selects Peak 10 Cincinnati as it data center partner for its next generation infrastructure.

FTP Today Launches Proprietary Platform

Re-engineered on VMware and a custom hardware and software stack, FTP Today migrates all customers to its new platform, which includes its new Site Admin control panel.

With 90% of its revenue and nearly 100% of its profits coming from FTP Today, Horan Data Services eliminates its data entry and media conversion businesses.

Peak 10 selects Louisville for major cloud expansion. FTP Today begins planning a future migration to Peak 10's infrastrusture-as-a-service (IaaS) Enterprise Cloud.


Using a temporary Ethernet Private Line between two data centers, FTP Today successfully performs a live migration of all customer FTP sites and data from Peak10 Cincinnati co-location to Peak10's Enterprise Cloud IaaS in Louisville.

File Transfer Web App is Released

The first version of FTP Today's Web App is released into production. Based on HTML5, the Web App offers file transfer within a Web browser without the aid of plugins such as Java.

Web App 2.0 is Released

FTP Today releases a major update to its proprietary Web App with a new look and feel and additional features.

FTP Today releases "InfiniShare"

With FTP Today's new file sharing feature, dubbed InfiniShare, authenticated users can share secure links to their downloadable files with anyone — no username or password required.

FTP Today Web App 3.0 is Released

FTP Today greatly enhances site, user and folder administration. With the release of version 3.0, all admin and browser-based file transfer are combined in a single app.

FTP Today Launches Software on FedRAMP Authorized Platform

ftp--gov-ftp--color-logoBuilt to share sensitive data with the most stringent U.S. government security and compliance requirements, such as FedRAMP, ITAR and DoD IL2 workloads. FTP Today partners with Rackspace Government Solutions to host the GOVFTP Cloud for federal agencies and government contractors.

FTP Today Plans Next Growth Stage

With revenue now doubling every three years and accelerating, FTP Today begins recruiting top Cloud Service Provider talent to head Sales and Business Development departments.

Horan Data Services LLC converts from a Nevada Limited Liability Company to a Nevada C-Corporation and changes its legal name to FTP Today, Inc. as it prepares to scale its SaaS business four-fold within five years.

FTP Today Launches FedRAMP Initiative

FTP Today hires SecureIT, a FedRAMP 3PAO and Consultancy and begins its journey toward achieving FedRAMP Authorization by the U.S. Government at the SaaS-level.

FTP Today Opens Sales Team Office in Dallas, Texas

dallas-sales-officeFTP Today Director of Sales, Brendon Ainsworth cuts the ribbon on the company's first brick and mortar location since 2010 at 1919 McKinney Avenue in Dallas, Texas. Known for its professional opportunity just as much as its entertainment, Dallas Uptown’s live-work-play community is home to the nation’s leading companies as well as inspiring start-ups. Read Press Release

FTP Today Launches GOVFTP CLOUD Central (DFW3)

dfw3Due to the overwhelming success in serving Government, Defense and Aerospace industries, FTP Today launched GOVFTP CLOUD Central (DFW3), partnering with DataBank in their wholly-owned flagship facility in Plano, Texas. DataBank’s Uptime Certified TIER III, FedRAMP certified, Data Center is a 144,000SF facility.

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