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What is SOC 2? Why it’s Important to Your Organization

In the modern age, cybersecurity has become a serious priority for organizations operating in both the public and private sectors. Government entities prioritize cybersecurity to prevent foreign actors and third parties from accessing state secrets. Corporations and other businesses prioritize cybersecurity to prevent ransomware, the loss of proprietary information and trade secrets, and generally to secure any information and files they store and share. What is SOC 2 and where does it fit within the emerging cybersecurity universe that’s growing more important with each passing year? SOC, an acronym for “System and Organization Controls,” is a cybersecurity risk management reporting framework that includes different levels for different types of organizations — SOC 2 is the second level of the framework designed for service providers. The SOC framework and SOC 2 requirements for service providers have become a universally accepted standard for securing information, data and files. At FTP Today, we are SOC 2 certified with the GOVFTP Cloud in scope. This is one of the best ways to ensure we’re securing our users’ data and files while minimizing the risk of outside threats. See below for more details on the SOC framework, on SOC 2 compliance, plus what it means for your organization.

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