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Understanding the Benefits of a Private FTP Cloud
Martin Horan

By: Martin Horan on August 18th, 2016

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Understanding the Benefits of a Private FTP Cloud


understanding-the-benefits-of-a-private-ftp-cloudWhen you begin investigating your cloud-based file sharing options for your business, one of the first major decisions you will have to make involves whether to go with a public or private FTP cloud provider.

While both give you a number of productivity and collaborative benefits in particular that can't be ignored, you'll quickly find that the private FTP cloud is absolutely the decision you'll want to make for a host of important reasons all critical to your continued success as an organization.

Why the Private FTP Cloud Matters

One of the major reasons to invest in an FTP solution in the first place has to do with availability. You don't just need a service that you know you can depend on - you need a service that will be online and ready to use at all times, no exceptions. This in turn gives way to one of the major benefits of the private cloud - high availability. Providers like FTP Today have built their private cloud infrastructure with high availability in place, going as far as to guarantee both zero downtime and zero data loss even in the face of some type of technological issue. This is the type of benefit you usually don't get from a public cloud situation, as you will essentially be sharing space on the same servers with other organizations and resources are limited.

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Speaking of limited resources, perhaps the most important benefit of the private FTP cloud has to do with the type of dedicated resources you and your team will have access to at all times. FTP Today is just one example of a company that has build their private cloud using RAID drive arrays with permanent block storage. This not only guarantees the aforementioned zero data loss, but it also offers higher performance than what you would get in a public cloud environment - making sure that all of your apps operate at the highest efficiency even during peak hours.

Control in the Age of File Sharing and the Internet

Arguably the most pressing benefit of the private FTP cloud, however, is one of control. In a public cloud environment you really have no control over where your data is stored. Some of it might be in the United States, while some of it may be overseas - you can never really be 100% sure. With the private cloud, however, you do know beyond the shadow of a doubt. FTP Today has its primary data center in Louisville, Kentucky, but all data is also backed up safely and securely at a secondary site in Las Vegas, Nevada in the event of a disaster.

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