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What is a High Availability SFTP Server?
Martin Horan

By: Martin Horan on January 7th, 2016

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What is a High Availability SFTP Server?

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In terms of the mission-critical data that your business depends on daily, having access to that information of all times is incredibly important. If you've made the decision to go with an SFTP server for all of your data transfer needs, you did so under the assumption that you were making your data available anywhere and everywhere at all times, even after an equipment failure. A high availability SFTP server, also called HA SFTP, is one of the leading ways to guarantee 100% uptime and no data loss due to equipment failure.

What is a High Availability SFTP Server?

Simply put, high availability SFTP options are designed to give you reliability and automated failover, something that is not possible if your data is stored on temporary object storage like it would be with other SFTP providers built using public clouds.

The success of a high availability SFTP server depends on certain redundancies being in place at all times to not necessarily prevent the normal types of issues that can occur, but to circumvent such issues in the event that they do rear their ugly head. A high availability configuration can also be utilized to automatically transfer traffic from primary to secondary servers, thus decreasing the overall stress on certain system resources and making sure that your data is always available at the lightning speeds that your business depends on regardless of the situation you now find yourself in. The key takeaway here is that it isn't just about security, but it's also about reliability at the same time.

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The Benefits of a High Availability SFTP Server

The biggest benefit of a high availability SFTP server is one of access. Because VMware high availability configurations (like those offered by FTP Today) provide failover protection in the event that some type of hardware or operating system outage should occur, you don't just have dramatically reduced downtime - you have literally zero downtime. If there is ever a problem with a connection to a primary server, your traffic is automatically redirected to a secondary one without you ever being aware that something has happened in the first place. This means that you get to continue to be as productive as you need to be as quickly as you need to be without so much as a worry that an event may occur.

A high availability SFTP server also gives you the added benefit of zero data loss in the event of such systems failures. This is one of the primary reasons why providers like FTP Today make HA SFTP a part of their system architecture in the first place.

Don't confuse HA SFTP  with backup or disaster recovery. It is not about disaster and backup recovery procedures. It's about automated recovery from system failures.

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