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Compare FTP Today to Other File Sharing and EFSS Solutions

More Secure. More Compatible.

FTP and "FTP Alternatives" each offer a means by which to share files, but a true secure FTP solution works with automation tools your business partners are already familiar with.

FTP Today
Control over activation of each TCP/IP protocol (FTP, FTPeS, FTPS, SFTP, HTTPS). Enable/Disable each Protocol
Allow/Disallow site access based on geo-location. Restrict Access by Country
Limit access to FIPS compliant browsers and clients. FIPS 140-2 Cipher Strength Enforcement
IP blacklisting based on proprietary heuristics related to file transfer protocols. Hacker detection and automatic prevention
Limit each user to a specific protocol. User-Level Protocol Restrictions
Limit each user to a specific remote IP or network IP block. User-Level IP Address Restrictions
Require users to enter a One-time Passcode after their password, instantly sent to them by email or SMS. Multi-factor Authentication
Encrypted storage system so that file contents are not visible to any technicians via command line. At Rest Encryption
User-authenticated browser-based file transfer with no plugin required. Web Browser (HTTPS)
Share files with non-users via HTTPS links to downloadable files and folders. File Sharing Links (HTTPS)
Unencrypted file transfer via port 21. FTP
No file sharing over FTP
No file sharing over FTP
No file sharing over FTP
No file sharing over FTP
SSL-encrypted file transfer via port 21. FTPeS (Explicit FTPS)
No file sharing over FTPS
SSL-encrypted file transfer via port 990. FTPS (Implicit)
No file sharing over FTPS
No file sharing over FTPS
No file sharing over FTPS
Jailed SFTP access for each user. SFTP (multi-user)
Password-less access for automated SFTP. SFTP with key authentication
Ability to emulate a Windows server which ignores upper vs. lower case in file names. Windows-like Filename Case Insensitivity
Folder Access Permissions
Granular ability to upload. Upload Permission
Write = Upload + Delete
Write = Upload + Delete
Requires Read or Read + Delete
Write = Upload + Delete
Granular ability to download. Download Permission
Granular ability to delete. Delete Permission
Write = Upload + Delete
Write = Upload + Delete
Requires Read + Write
Write = Upload + Delete
Granular ability to view a directory listing. List Directory Permission
Upload, download, delete and List can be controlled individually on a per user, per folder basis. Any combination of the above permissions
Admin Roles
Even though access may be limited, some systems are not capable of hiding other folders from view. Multiple Site Administrators
One admin, but Power Users are offered.
User that can create and manage both users and workspaces for one team with no access to other teams. Sub-Site Team Administrators
Event Triggers
Emails can be triggered based on activity on the FTP site. Email Notifications
Purge files based on age since original upload date. Often required for compliance. File Retention Controls
Pre-set when a user's future access will be denied, without removing the account completely. Auto-Suspend User by Date
Branded HTTPS interface with your own logo and colors. Customizable Web UI
An IP address that is only for one FTP site and is non-shared. Dedicated IP Address
A dedicated DNS record pointing your own hostname to a dedicated IP address. Custom DNS Hostname (A-record)
A redirect of your own hostname.domain to the provider's subdomain. Custom DNS Alias (CNAME-record)
Requires Dedicated IP and DNS A-record. A signed SSL certificate that matches your own DNS hostname.domain.com. Custom Domain SSL Certificate
Editable REPLY-TO, SUBJECT and BODY of email notifications. Email Notification Branding
Complete activity logs detailing more than uploads and downloads. Extended / Detailed Logs
Detailed Logs Downloadable in CSV CSV Audit Logs (perpetual)
Customizable reports that can be viewed at any time. On Demand Reports
Trend data and graphs us activity and usage over time. Historical Metrics (perpetual)
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Like most businesses looking at Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS), Managed File Transfer (MFT) or software more broadly described as "Secure File Transfer", you likely have specific functional requirements in mind. At a minimum, you should be concerned with:


What systems and controls are in place both to protect unauthorized access and to enforce secure access upon authorized users?


What software and protocols can be used to connect to the service? Is the service compatible with all existing and legacy systems?


Who sees what and what permissions do they have on certain files or folders. Can user-specific folder and file access be restricted?

With those requirements in mind, we invite you to compare us to any other service you are considering, most of whom should appear on the chart below. As you can see, not all FTP hosting companies, “FTP alternatives”, file sharing or collaboration service providers are created equal.

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