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Secure File Sharing You Can Count On Anywhere, Anytime

Now's your chance to move your files out of the closet and into the cloud.

Cloud­-Level Features

Compliant Data Center

Data center partner with multiple security certifications and audits.

Enterprise Grade Infrastructure

Cloud platform built on best-in-breed network, compute and storage systems.

Dedicated Firewalls

Firewalls isolate FTP Today to create a Virtual Private Data Center.

High Availability Servers

Industry-leading virtualization technologies offer maximum uptime.

Disaster Recovery

FTP Today is prepared for full business continuity in the event of a facility-level disaster.

Automated Intruder Protection

Hacker blacklisting based on FTP Today's proprietary rules and heuristics.

Site­-Level Features

Support for Multiple Protocols

Configurable standard protocols, including FTP, FTPeS, FTPS and SFTP. Plus, a powerful HTTPS interface.

File Sharing

Authenticated users can send expiring links to people without login accounts.

Country Access Restrictions

Configurable access restrictions based on global geo-IP database by country.

Dedicated IP & Custom SSL Cert

Point your own custom domain name and get a matching, signed SSL certificate.

Branded Web UI

Apply your own logo and matching colors to our user-friendly Web App.

In-transit Encryption

Strong TLS configuration with optional customization for FIPS 140-2 enforcement.

At-Rest Encryption

Optional encryption of all files landing on your FTP Today site; transparent to end users.

Unlimited Bandwidth

FTP Today allows you unlimited transfer per month at gigabit line speeds.

Unlimited Connections

FTP Today allows you unlimited simultaneous connections to your site.

Unlimited File Size

There are no imposed limits on the size of a file; only your overall storage.

User­-Level Features

Multiple User Interfaces

Web browser... FTP client... Let them use the tools they are familiar with! Your users will appreciate you for it.

Multiple User Roles

Share or delegate administration with full-site and sub-site admin roles.

Multiple Authentication Methods

Configurable password and/or public SSH-key authentication for each user.

User IP & Protocol Restrictions

Require each user to originate from specified IP range(s) and/or to use specific protocol(s).

Password Enforcement

Controls for password strength, expiration, resets and new user invites.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Require users to enter a second One-time Password (OTP or TOTP) after entering their username and password.

Folder­-Level Features

Flexible Directory Structure

Design your directory tree as you wish and configure access at all folder levels.

Limited Folder Views

Each user can only see their assigned folders. Everything else is completely hidden.

Distinct User Permissions

Separate Upload, Download, Delete and List permissions -- per user, per folder.

Email Notifications

Configurable alerts triggered by upload, download or delete actions.

File Retention Controls

Purge settings configurable at the site level or at the individual folder level.

Activity­-Level Features


See who is connected and what they are doing -- LIVE, in real time.


On-demand reports allow you to review activity from 1 to 90 days old.


Historical usage graphs, with drill-down by year, month, day and hour.

Log Archive

A permanent archive of detailed audit logs is kept and never purged.

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