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Commercial or Government Compliance - Your Choice

FTP Today is the leader in Secure File Sharing in both the Commercial (B2B) and Government (B2G) markets. Our FTP CLOUD has been hosting sensitive data for commercial customers since we launched the world's first SaaS FTP Service in 2001. Our GOVFTP CLOUD was launched in 2018 to better serve customers in the Defense, Aerospace and Government sectors.

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The FTP CLOUD is built for business-to-business workflows and is designed to share sensitive and private data with the highest levels of commercial-grade security, meeting regulatory compliance requirements such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, GLBA and SOX.

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The GOVFTP CLOUD is built for government agencies, defense and aerospace contractors to share sensitive data with stringent FedRAMP Moderate compliance supporting ITAR, DFARS, CMMC and DoD IL2 workloads.

Security & Firewalls

Five security layers to get through before anyone can even log in!
  1. Dedicated Cisco Firewalls block  unnecessary TCP/IP ports from our network. Includes IDS/IPS protection on our GOVFTP CLOUD.
  2. Application Server Firewalls block intruders in real-time and permanently blacklist offending IP addresses across our entire network of servers.
  3. Service Activation Settings allow you to further reduce active ports and protocols.
  4. Geo-IP Restrictions allow you to whitelist allowed countries and deny all others.
  5. User IP Restrictions allow you to whitelist single IPs by individual user and/or IP ranges by office location.

FTP/S, SFTP & HTTPS Endpoints

EFSS and Collaboration apps lack integration with tried-and-true protocols like FTP/S and SFTP. At FTP Today, full compatibility with legacy file transfer protocols allows you to integrate and automate the flow of data directly into and out of your on-premise systems.

For desktop users, all that is needed is a modern web browser (no plugins).

InfiniShare™ allows your users to send or receive files from guests, while still requiring guests to provide an email address and (optionally) a link-specific password.


Access Permissions - Your Way

Design your file system any way you want to and then assign limited user-permissions anywhere in the file system.

Most file sharing systems have tradeoffs between jailing users to their home directory and providing shared access to certain files and folders outside their home directory.

There are no tradeoffs at FTP Today. FTP Today has the most flexible permissions system in the industry.

  • You won't have to assign a person multiple credentials just to give them access to multiple folders along different paths.
  • You won't have to upload multiple copies of the same files into multiple users' folders to share them with multiple people.
  • You won't need to be concerned about a user having visibility or access to files or folders along the pathway to what you do want them to see.
Your FTP service has been a very important part of our production process over the years and I am continually impressed by your aggressive upgrades of compliance and security features.
William Francis
IT Manager
We are long-time users of your service and are very happy with the results. We are on the platform nearly every day and it certainly solves our need for a secure cloud platform to provide our clients.
Roy Herman
Director, Systems and Information Technology
We have been very happy with your service and that particular FTP account is critical for us.
Bart Stone
Founder, Product Manager
We have a very high opinion of FTP Today. We've been very impressed, and are very thankful, for FTP Today's professionalism and very reasonable pricing.
Dan Jackson
Senior System Administrator
Let me know if we can help in any way. Also if you need references for sure let me know. Continually happy to see you all grow.
Daniel Dockeney
Operations Coordinator
You guys are always on the right side of security, thank you from SFE. We love your product!
Robert McClafferty
Network Administrator
FTP Today’s platform has been very stable and worked great for us these past 10+ years.
Bob Truong
Director, Programming and Data Analysis

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Trouble Deciding on a Plan? We are happy to help you right-size your choice of subscription plan based on your individual needs.

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