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Meet Your ITAR Compliance Requirements

FTP Today is uniquely positioned to protect data subject to ITAR by providing you controls that limit access geographically by country.

ITAR is the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, which is a set of United States government regulations that control the export and import of defense-related articles and services on the United States Munitions List (USML) and related technical data. ITAR requires, in relevant part, that covered material (items listed on the USML) only be shared with U.S. citizens absent special authorization or exemption.

itar compliance guidelines

A protected article under ITAR is any technical data stored in any form (e.g. a document or other digital file) that contains information related to items or services designated in the USML. ITAR compliance is focused on ensuring this technical data is not inadvertently distributed to foreign persons or foreign nations. FTP Today manages the FTP Cloud in Louisville, Kentucky using U.S. citizens, and enables customers to architect solutions on the FTP Today platform involving ITAR data (with due consideration to the customer’s shared responsibility for export-control compliance).

Can you confidently say your current file sharing process is ITAR safeguards compliant?

Learn more by reading our guide on “Guidelines for ITAR Compliance and Sharing Your Technical Data”

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As a SaaS FTP provider, FTP Today is not an exporter of data as contemplated by ITAR and other export control laws. As a result, FTP Today is not required to maintain a comprehensive export compliance program. However, FTP Today facilitates customers with ITAR requirements by providing multiple security layers that our customers can control. For example, FTP Today provides customers with  Country Blocker  to prevent data from being transmitted outside the United States.  This facilitates a customer’s management of their own compliance obligations while processing and storing data on FTP Today servers.

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