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Worry-Free FTP Software Administration

Outsource your Secure FTP Server to FTP Today and you receive all the benefits of an in-house FTP server without any capital expenditure.

In-House vs. SaaS

So, you have a need for secure file transfer or file sharing between internal staff members or external partners like customers or suppliers. You have two deployment options -- in-house or SaaS.

Building it in-house requires:

  • dedicating hardware,
  • choosing an operating system,
  • licensing some FTP or SFTP server software (typical cost $3000-6000) and
  • paying software maintenance & ungrades (usually 25% of license),
  • patching all software as vulnerabilities arise.

In summary, when doing it yourself you will incur capital expenditures as well as both fixed and variable maintenance costs.  Our Software-as-a-Service model means that everything is always up-to-date, patched and secure. We do the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on business.

With a SaaS FTP Server all you have to manage is your users. And, this freedom even comes at a lower cost.

Multi-layered Administration

Our administration system is the most advanced in the business. It gives you complete control over all aspects of your users and files. And you can also delegate administration to others.

  • Site Administrator - Site Admins will have full reign over everything - Site Security, Network Protocols, Branding, User and Workspace Management, Email Notifications and running Reports.
  • Team Manager - A sub-site administrator, Team Managers can perform some of the same tasks as Site Admins – User and Workspace Management, Email Notifications and running Reports – but only for an isolated Team (sub-site environment). It's like having an FTP site within an FTP site.

Additional Administrator Tools

Tools for bulk importing of users and suspension or auto-suspension of users come with all our subscription plans. Business plans also come with Email Notifications and File Retention Controls. Enterprise plans with unlimited users can also set up password strength and expiration parameters.

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