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Martin Horan

By: Martin Horan on June 13th, 2016

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WebApp 2.0 Update Completed


On June 1, 2016 we hosted a customer workshop about our new and improved WebApp 2.0. The update began June 13, 2016 and has been completed June 22, 2016.

WebApp 2.0 is far more powerful and user-friendly than version 1.0. Documentation can be found here.

With the introduction of WebApp 2.0, we have also eliminated all use of the old JavaApp, which was announced back in April 2015 to be discountinued by January 2016. Most web browsers no longer support Java plugins and the use of Java, as well as older browsers that support it, pose a significant security risk.

About Martin Horan

Founder of FTP Today and an expert in secure file transfer and Internet protocols. A software and IT geek since a young age, Martin has successfully led his companies through the digital age by spotting market niches and filling them with quality IT services.

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