Secure File Transfer Protocol FAQs

General Service & Quality Questions

Why should I outsource my FTP server?
How fast and reliable is the FTP Today network?
How fast can I transfer files?
Will my users need FTP client software?
How many users can connect simultaneously?
Is there any File Size limit?
What is Unlimited Transfer or Unlimited Bandwidth?
Can I exceed my storage limit?
Hard drives are cheap. Why is your storage so expensive?
Why is there a storage limit when you offer unlimited bandwidth or transfer?
Will you notify me if I am running out of space?
Does FTP Today back up my data?
Do you provide 24/7 support?
Can I distribute files with Anonymous FTP?

Security, Compliance & Encryption Questions

Do you provide for encrypted transfers?
Is your FTP service HIPAA compliant?

Users, Roles & Access Restrictions Questions

How do I administer my FTP site and my users?
Can I delegate site and user administration?
How many types of users or groups can I have?
How do I limit what folders and files users can access?
Can I set storage limits on my users?
Can one user see another user’s files?

Domain & Branding Questions

Can I brand the Web FTP Client with my own logo?
Can I use my own domain name?

Pricing, Terms & Billing Questions

Do you offer a free trial? How does it work?
Is there a setup fee?
Is there a minimum contract period?
Do I need to pay by credit card?
Do you send me an invoice and a credit card receipt?
Are there any upgrade fees?
Do you offer temporary FTP hosting?
Do you bill in multiple currencies?
Do I get a partial refund when I cancel my service?

Basic Questions

What is FTP?
What is an FTP site?
What is the difference between FTP and HTTP?

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